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Nickel plating


Nickel forms an excellent protective layer that protects metal against rust and other corrosion.  Nickel plating offers very good corrosion resistance at a minimum layer thickness of  60 micron, but is much softer than a chrome layer. Nickel plating is often used as a substrate for chrome plating. The reinforcing combination of nickel and chrome gives your product excellent corrosion resistance and perfect sliding characteristics.

Technical specifications

There are different types of nickel layers depending on the destination of your product. The layer is determined by the mechanical pre-treatment in combination with the type of nickel bath.


Nickel plating process

Nickel plating is an electrolytic process. And in this proces a piece of metal will be dipped in a nickel liquid bath. In the next step, we supply the piece of metal with electricity (with a higher voltage and a relatively low amperage), which creates a process. In this proces nickel particles attach themselves on the metal.

Our nickel plating services

  • External nickel plating

  • Internal nickel plating

  • Nickel (hard) chrome plating


Contact us about Nickel Plating

We are ready to answer your questions and are happy to inform you about Nickel plating. Of course you can also request a quote directly.

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