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Internal honing

Internal nickel plating and / or chrome plating is also an operation that we can perform. For this your that must be internally provided with a (nickel) chrome layer must also be pre-processed. For this we have 2 honing machines where we can process workpieces with a length of up to 7,000mm with a maximum diameter of 550mm.

External honing

From April 1, 2020 we have an external honing machine on which we can process products up to 12,000 mm in length with a maximum diameter of 450 mm. This unique machine was built especially for us by Sunnen in Switzerland. With this machine we can deliver even better quality. Rods out-of-roundness is corrected with this machine during machining. We can also carry out machining work for you. This is faster and the desired final dimension can be realized immediately with an Ra up to 0.05! In fact, turning and grinding are combined in 1 operation. Feel free to ask for the possibilities.

Our services


  • Internal honing

  • Honing externally

  • Edit out of roundness

  • Dechrome


De hoon bewerking in beeld

Contact us about Internal honing

We are ready to answer your questions and are happy to inform you about Internal honing. Of course you can also request a quote directly.

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