New unique machine


This unique honing machine is especially built for us by Sunnen Products Company in Switzerland. This machine makes our process more reliable, efficient and ensures better quality.



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Our services

Hardchrome plating

Do you have parts that suffer from corrosion? Do you want products with a longer durability and better quality? We are here to help you apply a corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant chrome layer.

Nickel plating

Looking for a corrosion resistant bottom layer for chrome plating? Nickel is often used as a substrate. The combination of nickel plating and chrome plating reinforces each other. Technoplating wants to help you strengthen your products.

Applying a nickel layer under the chrome layer greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of your product. In circumstances where your product is subject to corrosion, this may be the perfect solution for you.


Nickel-(hard) chrome
Grinding and polishing

Do you want to improve the roughness of a surface or do you want us to prepare your product so you can apply a coating yourself? We also do this work with care. Our professionals are here to help you!

Honing in- and externally

We can also hone workpieces internally.  From 01-04-2020 we have a unique Sunnen Honing Machine. Who will ensure that we can hone internally and externallly.

Other services

By setting the right requirements for your surface, you determine the appropriate treatment solution for your products. We can also help you with operations such as blasting, superfinishing, internal grinding and much more.

The reason why you choose for us!

Fast delivery times

We can process large and small series with a short delivery time

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